Saturday, May 28, 2011

This year's first bouquet of peonies

I bought my first bouquet of Sarah Bernhardt peonies a couple of days ago. I’m always very excited to see them pop up during end of spring at various flower markets and flower shops around town.

I've loved peonies since I was a child and I still remember watching the beautiful and splendid ones that grew wild in my grandmothers blossoming garden. They are without a doubt my favourite kind of flower together with big light yellow roses and persian buttercups. Somehow I also find that the scent of them - especially the Sarah Bernhardt ones, nowdays reminds me of spending summer days at my grandmother’s house, making pancakes for lunch, sitting out on her porch - drinking coffee under a parasol with flower prints and picking currants and raspberrys in her garden.

I guess I can't seem to get enough of flowers, especially when they bring back these lovely memories from the past.

I really miss my grandmother today. This post is dedicated to her.


  1. right there with you! my mum has her whole garden full of peonies - one of the benefits of living currently at home... their smell is almost intoxicating...

  2. Beautiful! I have flower associations with my grandparents too. It's always a sweet reminder of them!

  3. they are my favourite flowers...their smell is so wonderful and they are so soft...

  4. Beautiful post. The peony photos are gorgeous and the sentiments about your grandmother are touching. Thanks for sharing!

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  5. peonies are quite lovely. we have some blooming outside the office. it makes me smile to see them.

  6. WSAKE: Oh, that sounds wonderful! And yes - definitely one of the benefits of still living currently at home :)

    Jane: I'm so glad to hear that! I really agree that it is always a sweet reminder of them.

    schorlemädchen: Oh, yes, peonies are so beautiful! It's understandable that so many people have them as their favourite flowers :) The smell is indeed also wonderful...

    Katherine: Thank you for kind and beautiful words! I'm so happy that you liked the post.

    Keishua: Oh, that sounds so lovely! Flowers that makes you smile are always a great thing :)