Friday, February 25, 2011

Flowers are in our hearts

Stills from Atonement
Stills from Atonement
Stills from Atonement
Keira Knightley in movie stills from Atonement (2007).

They say that flowers are the essence of beauty and they are also known to have a very positive effect on us and our health.

As you’ve probably already noticed I’m very found of flowers, blossoming gardens and floral patterns on garments and interior design - textiles, wallpapers and decoration pieces.

I few years ago I sat down to watch the beautiful film Atonement and I was directly amazed by the movie’s costume and set design. The first part of the movie takes place somewhere in the British countryside on a Victorian mansion during the 1930’s. Art Deco was a very trendy style at the time but the mansion and its garden in full bloom in the summer feels more like the home or reminiscence of Art Noveau with its use of flowers, floral patterns and soft pastels.

Note the vase in the first picture with the typical “Art Noveau” organic floral pattern. It's almost a bit too much, but I kind of like it :)

The beautiful tie blouse with the white floral pattern, the longer silk skirt with a graphic print in muted colours that the character Cecilia (Keira Knightley) wears in the pictures together with the shorter hairstyle and the bouquet of peonies and other summer flowers lives on and on in my mind and works as a great inspiration to me.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Everything is in... (light shades of) pink!

The Gentlewoman issue #1. Cup and saucer from Gustavsberg with graphic pattern designed by Bibi Breger. Little pink cup and saucer (vintage) from Miloii. Glasses from Henrik Vibskov. Lipstick from Paul & Joe. The picture of the badger in a pretty pink dress is an illustration made by my friend Tove Larris. Visit her beautiful blog here: Tovelisa

I’ve always liked pink when it comes to aesthetics and interior design. I have pink towels and plates and cups with pink patterns in my apartment. And when it comes to flowers I especially buy the pink ones.

Soft/light pink has always been my favorite colour since I was a child, and when I was about 7 years old my dad asked me what colour we should paint our house in and then I said “light pink”. We looked on a colour map and picked out a soft pink colour together and a few months later my dad had painted our whole house in pink. I almost couldn’t believe it and I remember being very proud of my dad for painting the house in my favorite colour. When I think about this memory today it makes me smile a lot and I wonder if that's the reason why I'm still very much into pink :)

Lately it has come to my attention that I also tend to look out for pink when it comes to clothes. It’s however not hot, shocking or babydoll pink, but more kind of a nude, light, soft or muted pink. I haven’t really worn lighter shades of pink on clothes that much before until very recently. My favorite colour on clothes has always been different shades of blue, especially light blue (and still is).

I have a few muted pink garments in my wardrobe dated back a few years ago but last fall it started to become more. My shopping for clothes took a more conceptual turn and I felt - and still feel a bit like a magpie when I visit clothing stores - except that I’m not looking for all that glitters, instead my eye is automatically drawn to everything that is in a light shade of pink. I also think it has to do with the fact that that particular colour is very trendy at the moment and Swedish stores like H&M and Monki are filled with garments in muted shades of pink.

These shades of pink feels very subtile and gentle and I’m glad that it’s possible to wear them without being afraid of feeling dressed out rather than dressed up. But I do however feel a little rebellic when I go out all dressed in pink, even if it’s very very soft muted pink :)

The soft muted pink wardrobe, left to right: 1. Nightgown from By Malene Birger 2. Blouse with pleats from Monki 3. Flower lace blouse from H&M 4. Blouse from Hope 5. Blouse from By Malene Birger. 6. Flower lace body from Monki 7. Blouse from By Malene Birger 8. Pleated dress from H&M 9. Dress with flower pattern from Up The Wooden Hills 10. Lace flower dress from Carin Wester 11. Pleated skirt from Monki 12. Cardigan from Åhléns


This post was very inspired by Fieldguided's post about colours, read it here.